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Sharing our expertise on specialty pharmacy, health systems, and how they integrate to improve the patient journey.

Six Startup Questions for Health Systems Considering Special...

Acentrus Account Implementation Manager Dennis Sinclair shares as more and more health systems consider adding a specialty pharmacy capability, I’m asked a lot ...

Optimizing Specialty Care through Pharmacy and Specialty Cli...

Inpatient care and ongoing ambulatory patient management through primary and specialty clinics are now common, integral components of most health systems.

Sanford Health’s Commitment to Accessibility of Care Include...

Sanford Health became an Acentrus Specialty client in August 2018 to help its specialty pharmacy program gain access to the Pfizer Limited Distribution Drugs.

Evaluating and Comparing Treatment Outcomes in Specialty Pha...

Acentrus Specialty, with the help of OM1, Inc, took on the challenging task of trying to analyze and associate treatment outcomes related to specialty pharmacy.

Case Study: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Acentrus Specialty provided the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with support and access to help with the success of its specialty pharmacy program.

Specialty Pharmacy By the Numbers

Specialty pharmacy is growing rapidly, and becoming a significant consideration for health systems and manufacturers across the United States.

5 Ways Health Systems Are Missing Out by Not Addressing Spec...

Specialty pharmacy benefits health systems that adopts it early, while those who wait are going to face higher risks and lower probability of success.

How Health Systems Streamline Patient Care To Improve Outcom...

One of the best opportunities for health systems to extend patient care today is to add specialty pharmaceuticals to their ambulatory pharmacy.

Specialty Pharmacy and the Patient Journey

Patient access to specialty pharmacy products from within the health system completes the circle for a truly integrated health care approach.

Collaborating to Improve Care for Veterans

Acentrus Specialty is proud to support not just Lehigh Valley Health Network’s specialty pharmacy program but also the health system’s overall mission of care.

Health System Innovations in Specialty Pharmacy

Health systems offering integrated specialty pharmacy care can help reduce the specialty abandonment rate, meaning that more patients initiate therapy.

Navigating the Rising Tide of Health System Specialty Pharma...

Health systems are a vital channel in specialty pharmacy because of the advantages of enhanced visibility and face-to-face interaction when caring for patients.

The Future of Data to Improve Patient Outcomes

Health systems are uniquely positioned to integrate the rich clinical data available to them to establish best practices yielding to superior patient outcomes.