Acentrus Specialty Partners with Atlas Health to Reduce Total Cost of Care and Improve Access for Patients

Irving, Tx - April 3, 2023 Acentrus Specialty — today announced a new partnership with Atlas Health, a market leader in philanthropic aid automation to improve access, affordability, outcomes and health equity for vulnerable populations. Atlas Health’s platform connects patients to patient assistance to support health equity initiatives, improve staff productivity and satisfy pharmacy accreditation standards.

The partnership will provide more than 140 health systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals in the Acentrus network with access to the Atlas Health platform to automate philanthropic aid for millions of patients in need of financial assistance for medications.

Atlas Health optimizes $30 billion across 20,000+ programs by automating intelligent matching of patients to philanthropic programs, enabling patient-friendly enrollment and digital engagement, tracking enrollment activity and robust reporting.

“The health system specialty pharmacies in the Acentrus network are on the front line of the care coordination essential to improving patient outcomes,” said Julia Hancock, Vice President and General Manager of Acentrus Specialty. “Key to that care coordination is navigating financial assistance options to assure the quickest possible time to therapy. Our partnership with Atlas Health will help our network’s health systems hurdle financial barriers for their patients.”

“We are excited to partner with a leader in the specialty pharmacy space to expand our mission of improving patient lives through medication access and affordability automation,” said Ethan Davidoff, CEO, Atlas Health. “We are passionate about addressing health equity and our partnership with Acentrus accelerates our ability to execute side by side with health systems and their specialty pharmacies.”

Atlas Health is on a mission to save lives by improving access and affordability to life-saving drugs, no matter the cost. One report estimates that “125,000 deaths in the US each year can be attributed to medication nonadherence, not to mention up to half of treatment failures and a quarter of hospitalizations every year. It’s clear that medication nonadherence is an epidemic in the US that is not only hurting our health, but raising the cost of health care, with an estimated $100 billion to $300 billion cost tied to nonadherence.” The partnership between Acentrus and Atlas Health will empower health system specialty pharmacies to better serve their patients' needs by providing financial assistance that improves speed to therapy, adherence and outcomes.

About Acentrus Specialty
Acentrus Specialty is the largest integrated care network and specialty pharmacy solution for health systems, addressing the largest and fastest growing area of healthcare expenditures by empowering members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective, locally integrated care. This is accomplished through a portfolio of services and specialty pharmacy products, as well as member sharing of clinical and operational best practices. The network of health systems consists mainly of academic medical centers and integrated delivery networks, serving more than 6 million inpatient admissions annually, treated by over 200,000 physicians. Follow Acentrus on LinkedIn or on the web at

About Atlas Health
Atlas Health automates philanthropic aid to improve access, affordability, outcomes and health equity for vulnerable populations. Through intelligent matching and patient-friendly digital enrollment to 20,000 philanthropic aid programs, healthcare organizations can improve patient outcomes and reputation, increase cash, reduce the total cost of care and improve staff efficiency. Learn more at

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