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Join our conversation on improving specialty pharmacy outcomes and viability.

Attend our Acentrus Specialty panel discussion to gain perspective from specialty pharmacy experts. We look forward to discussing the potential for using the 340B Program to enhance specialty pharmacy services.

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340B Management Part 2: Specialty Pharmacy Strategies

Monday, October 18
2:30 pm–4:00 pm ET

Hospital and health system specialty pharmacies function and compete in a very competitive market space. This session will provide an overview of the specialty pharmacy environment and examine how hospital and health system specialty pharmacies leverage the 340B Program to support and advance their specialty pharmacy operations, workforce development, and patient management and outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain reasons for the current competitive specialty pharmacy landscape.
  • Identify opportunities to support specialty pharmacy services by managing 340B participation.
  • Given case-based scenarios, apply three strategies for rapid improvement of specialty pharmacy patient outcomes.


Allison Bystriansky, MBA
Regional Account Director
Acentrus Specialty


David G. Mitchell, PharmD, MBA, CSP, FCPhA
Pharmacist Manager of Specialty Pharmacy Operations
UC Davis Health


Regina H. Schomberg, PharmD, BCPS
System Director of Pharmacy, Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Services
Wake Forest Baptist Health